A good car commercial? No way.

Yes way. This one is pretty good. Finally a good concept that is cohesive with the product benefit. Unlike this one, this one, this one, this one, or this one. The execution is well done also. All around great commercial.


I cringe every time I see this.

Okay. So, I apologize for not blogging in nearly a month. Since graduation I've been insanely busy and usually work three 14 hour days each week now. Still, I will try to update as much a possible.
Anyway, have you ever seen this commercial? You probably have considering I see it every time I watch TV. And every time I do see, it manages to piss me off for whatever reason.  It's just stupid.  I know, expert analysis, right? But honestly, who wants to watch a kid swinging a bat and getting no results for 20 seconds?  Not only is it not very entertaining or appealing to the common consumer, you can switch out any car logo on the front of the pinata and have it be a commercial for that brand of car. I get that it's supposed to be a clever way to show safety or reliability, but what actual features of the car supports that? We don't know because they never show the actual car or any upgraded features that make it safer and more reliable.


I've never seen a Comcast commercial that I like.

Especially the ones from this Xfinity campaign. Whenever they come on TV, I have to mute it or I'll go insane. Like those terrible, terrible Old Navy commercials that utilize jingles (rather poorly I might add) to sell their product, this commercial almost makes me hate music as much as their products. And again, like the Old Navy commercials, the song is not catchy and the lyrics are not very clever ("It's fun for you, it's fun for me, you'll love the net you get with Xfinity"). Really, it's fun for me? Because I'm pretty sure Comcast has one of the worst reputations for customer service among big businesses. But in a lot of areas, there is no other option for cable. So I guess that's fun for them.


To get the full effect, I'm not even going to explain this one.

The Ad

It's a little questionable.  Especially the set-up.  But still, I think it's pretty creative and definitely something that will get people talking. And sharing.


Rounding out my Sealy campaign.

So this is the outdoor portion of my Sealy campaign.  We were assigned to just make an alternative outdoor ad, but I took it a step further with the billboard.  I did this because I saw this image and I couldn't pass it up because it worked perfectly for my campaign.  As for the alternative "guerrilla" ad, I tweaked the concept a little bit because I had a hard time thinking of something that would symbolize a couple falling asleep rather than making love. Though, if you have any ideas, feel free to post them!  As of right now, I'm not completely satisfied with my alternative piece, but my professor loved it.  I was also thinking about putting this kind of thing on train station benches and various other public transportation spots, but you get the idea with this image.  Comments are welcome!


Apple much?

The white background, the (not-so) friendly comparisons, and even the kind of music in the background.  When your main competitor is the Apple iPad, why would you pretty much copy the same advertising as Apple?  Yeah, I understand that this was some great advertising that Apple developed, but that should never mean you should base yours off of it unless you're completely satirizing it.  Can we see some originality please?


Finally, some honest advertising.

I am in love with this campaign.  Finally, a product is not trying to be the cure-all, godsend product that everyone has tried to be for years.  Miracle Whip knows that it's a somewhat weird, unorthodox product that not everyone likes, and they do an effective job of selling it by saying this.  Usually, no one would want to put a "celebrity" (if that's what they call Pauly D nowadays) who hates their product into their advertising, but this campaign does it flawlessly.  By saying that it's not for everyone, it really encourages the audience to think about it and be curious enough to try it.  But what I like most about it is that the people who like it and the people aren't entirely dissimilar, so there is really no target.  This becomes more relatable and encouraging to the audience because it sets no one apart from liking it or disliking it.  This campaign does a fantastic job of targeting anyone and everyone to TRY miracle whip, not to love it.  A much more realistic goal that every advertiser should adopt.