No respect for anyone who wears Old Navy.

Why would anyone want to be associated with THIS brand image?  Especially if you're a straight male.  This guy looks like a gay theater performer from New York, not someone that your male audience would like to emulate.  I understand, this particular spot is targeted to women, but at the same time that shouldn't detract from your male audience that will likely see this also.  Not only that, but I find this entire commercial to be pretty unappealing to the general public.  The song is not catchy.  Everything is way too childlike.  And the lyrics are simply horrible. (i.e. "You're gonna light that ATM line. That glitter make me twitter. You so fine).  I mean, honestly?  If I was sitting in on the meeting that this was pitched in, it would take all my willpower to hold back from hysterically laughing.  Ads like these make me want to break into the business even more.  Just so that I can write better ads and stop ones like these from being circulated.