First ads I've ever written.

These were ads from my final project from my Intro to Advertising class during my first semester of freshman year.  This class was literally my introduction to advertising.  Going into it, I hardly new anything about it and kinda just thought it would be a fun major to try because I loved funny commercials and print ads.  After this class, I was pretty confident in my decision of sticking with the major because of how much fun I had creating the creative for these ads.  Anyway, the product my team and I chose was Ben & Jerry's, and after doing some research, we found that they're a very eco-conscious brand.  So, in our project we tried to expand on that.  The top two images are a guerrilla marketing idea we came up with to be placed around the city and college campuses.  As for the print ad, first ad I've ever written.  I know, not the best, but hey, it was a start.