One of the few Super Bowl commercials that I really liked this year.

Sure, it's a pretty old concept dating back to last year's Super Bowl with spots all throughout the year, but I really think it's a strong concept. Not to mention a hilarious one. This spot in particular was a little different, but I thought it was even more hilarious because the actors they used have been known to have the whiniest voices (with the exception of Gilbert Gottfried, of course) in all of show business. Although it kind of showed a lack of ideation by simply tweaking last year's concept of being a diva when you're hungry, I still loved it. Anytime you see Roseanne Barr get laid out out of nowhere like that, you'll probably have yourself a good laugh.
If you liked this spot too, you should check out the interactive ad Snickers has on their YouTube brand channel. Also, pretty funny.