Love ads like these.

Ads like this are great.  Whenever you have a strong, compelling, attention-grabbing image like this, the copy pretty much writes itself.  Because when you see this ad, you think, "why is there a guy with his hand down his pants?" (sex appeals, I guess).  However, this stopping power makes you read the copy, and if you've made it this far the copy can be as simple as possible and gets the point across to the reader perfectly.  This particular ad was so well done.

Just another awful drug commercial.

Why would anybody want to use this?!  The list of risks take up more than half the commercial and start just 25 seconds in.  Again, WHY WOULD ANYBODY WANT TO USE THIS??  Especially considering that really the only benefit is not having to remember to take your birth control pill everyday. I kind of expected there to be added benefits here considering it is a risk to going through your uterine wall, causing life threatening pregnancies, causing ovarian cysts, and so on. Anyone you actually uses this, must not care about their health ever having kids ever again.

Hope you like my attempt to write a jingle.

If you're familiar with the song "Mother's Little Helper," by the Rolling Stones that you'll get the melody of the jingle.  Otherwise, it's all kind of lost.  I liked it though, and so did my teacher.  Hope you do too.