Hey, Bing. Everyone is already loyal to Google. So, stop wasting your money on advertising.

On TERRIBLE advertising, that is.  Other than the supermarket one, this is the worst commercial I've seen in this whole campaign.  I mean, I get the concept: sometimes you can't find what you're looking for right away on a search engine so you're forced to read everything about anything relevant to what you're searching for, and then your mind gets lost in all the somewhat relevant, but also rather unneeded information.  And that concept is a decent one.  But the execution of these ads is so bad that sometimes you don't understand it at all, and therefore don't want to use Bing.  Not only that, but these commercials fail to really show how it is that much better and more useful that its competition (Google).  Everyone is already so loyal and used to Google, so an alternative really has to stick out with major beneficial differences.  These commercials not only fail to do so, but also have become a bit of an annoyance to see over and over on TV.