Wow, a beer ad that I actually like.

Product placement is, in my opinion, the most subtle, yet most alienating form of advertising that there is.  And a lot of other people are with me on that one.  So what better way to advertise for your product than to satirize this bad form of advertising in an effort to show how appealing your product is?  That is exactly what is going on here.  The more product placement they have, the more free Bud Light they get, so they start to base the movie around the product placement of the beer.  I wish I could say that this isn't ever the case in real life, but we've seen it in the case of Macgruber (Pepsi) and the new animated movie, Gnomeo and Juliet (Travelocity).  It's a terribly pathetic form of advertising when movies like these are made, but I'm glad someone has taken notice and parodied it in their own advertising.