Hope you like this

I figured I'd open the posting of my own work with my favorite piece thus far.  This was a project I did when I interned for a pharmaceutical advertising agency called Vox Medica last Spring.  The product does not exist here in America, but was inspired from a product that was pitched in Australia.  I can take credit for everything except for the design of the ad.  Luckily, I was fortunate enough to work along side a great art director, Daniel Silverstein, on this one.  I did, however, find that image on Getty Images.  What a perfect picture.

P.S. Daniel convinced me to change it from "You love your pet, so why take away their ability to make love?" to "You love your pet, why take away their ability to make love?"  Should have never listened.

Love this

I know I usually have a huge Apple bias, but Windows really nailed this one.  It's funny, it's smart, and the last line, "it's time for a phone to save us from our phones" is brilliant.  Too bad the iPhone still kicks its ass.

Hate this

Are consumers really that enthusiastic about low prices for products?  Especially regarding office supplies.  I realize that that is supposed to be the strategy and humor behind this, but it almost makes consumers look like morons.  Shouldn't you be portraying the consumer in a positive light so you can gain their business? Also, I really just want to punch that guy in the face every time I see this commercial and hear his voice.