As much as I don't like corrupting the youth, this is a great campaign.

I just learned about the sweepstakes when I looked this up on YouTube, and now I like it even more.  First of all, let's be honest here, anyone interested in this game or any other gore-riddled shooter adventure game wants gory violence all throughout.  So, they made a game that features this gory violence as the main benefit and selling point, and marketed it that way.  Second of all, the "your mom hates this" thing is so awesome. Not only does it make people laugh and gamers want to buy it, it also spreads awareness to mothers that are strict enough to restrict this game from their children and makes them keep the mature rating in check.  Sure, this may take away a faction of profit, but it is a good ethical move by the game creators/marketing team.  Lastly, to connect back to what I first said, the sweepstakes idea is brilliant. In doing this, they're basically making their fans market for them in a funny, entertaining (and free) way.  Overall, the campaign is super smart and shows how mature we all show be about a game like this.  Though, I still wouldn't let a child under 10 play this game, but they shouldn't be able to anyway.