I'm surprised that the Bengals DON'T want to trade him after this.

Please comment with as many oral sex jokes as you can come up with.  There's just so much to be said here that I don't even know where to begin.  Carson Palmer is not only an overpaid, overrated professional athlete, but also a complete sell out.  Sure, you're getting paid.  But you're really willing to circulate a picture of you putting a sausage, that is advertised to be longer than most, into your mouth?  It's amazing how some people are willing to sacrifice their reputation for a little bit more money.  Outside of the embarrassment of this endorsement, John Morrell as a company has the most stereotypically awful advertising.  To really see this in action, check out the Carson Palmer endorsed John Morrell commercial.  It's equally as horrible or an ad, and just as embarrassing as any bad celebrity endorsement out there. Go enjoy.