Hope you like this

This was an ad I wrote for my first assignment in my Copywriting: Print class last fall.  The assignment was pretty simple, pick a product and write a print ad.  Well, what was interesting about this was after I turned it in, my professor told me to stand in front of the class and read it to them because it's an example of "superb strategy." This was after I looked down at it and saw "B" written across the top.  Nothing else, just "B." Is it just me or does an "exemplary" piece of work deserve at least a B+? Though, I guess it was a little more settling at the end of the semester when I found out no one received higher than an A- for the class.  And that was only two people.  Anyway, let me know what you think, and if it maybe deserves more than a B.
By the way, the image is supposed to be a tissue holding up the Earth.  It didn't come out that well, but whatever.  I'm a writer, not a designer.

Hate this(these)

So, Miller Lite is for manly men who constantly fantasize about half-naked big-breasted women and beer, right? That's pretty much what this commercial is telling me.  Not only is it pretty offensive to women, it's also kind of offensive to men. Like almost every "masculine" Miller Lite commercial, this just displays men as brainless pigs who only care about beer, boobs, and BEING A MAN GRRRR. C'mon.  At least Bud Light commercials try to base their humor and strategy around things other than terrible gender stereotypes.

P.S. Would you believe this was a Super Bowl commercial?
Actually, yeah. That's totally believable.

Love this

Not much needs to be said. It's just so funny. Though, what I like most about it is that, unlike a lot commercials that focus more on being funny than actually selling their product, it slips in the selling point of the product clearly, while still being hilarious overall.  Also, no actor would have been more fitting than Kevin Bacon.  He makes this commercial as good as it is.
"So let's just say I happen to be in the mood for- I don't know- a movie about a rebellious teen who's living in a town where dancing's illegal. There is it."  Makes me laugh every time.