Love this(these)

Nowadays there are so many brands, products, and advertisements that most of them just get lost in the clutter.  Enter: guerrilla marketing.  Not only is it much more creative and innovative, an effective use always leaves a long lasting, meaningful impression on the consumer and, in turn, increases the spread of word of mouth.  After all, that is the purpose of advertising: to spread the known existence of your brand.

This is one of my favorites that I’ve seen on the web because it looks so real.  It reminds me of the glass elevator at the end of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I’ve always wanted to go skydiving.  And have my own chocolate factory.

Hate this

I guess I really have women’s back when it comes to advertisements. Anyway, I’m sick of ads like this.  Sure, it’s pretty funny to some people, but what makes it funny to me is the amount of ignorance it took Burger King to release this ad and think they were going to gain positive feedback and more business.  Because, let’s think about this.  An obvious phallic symbol in front of an attractive woman’s open mouth with the tagline, “It’ll blow your mind away,” from the same company that introduced the “Big Kids Meal” and sponsored the Kids’ Choice Awards?  Is it really a good strategy for Burger King to expose this kind of thing to the still uneducated minds of young children?  There’s so many things wrong with this ad that I could probably write a book about it.

Hope you like this

I never actually turned this in or used this for anything other than a piece in my portfolio, but I wish I had.  Originally, this what an partner assignment to just make a print ad for Crest.  My partner and I went a completely different direction and I made this after the fact.  It's funny because I completely forget what our ad looked like, and looking back on it I wish I would have just used this.  I'm pretty proud of it because because I think it has a strong strategy, concept, and execution of the layout.  Who said I'm no designer? :)