Way to steal the worst concept ever made.

First, let's refer back to the robbery victim. Same exact concept, right? And I don't even know if it deserves to be called a "concept." It's simply a hot celebrity modeling the shoes with zero copy or art direction to show any benefit of the product. It really just embodies the phrase, "sex sells," and I absolutely hate that. It's like creatives don't even need to be creative anymore. "Oh, yeah. Just throw up a  picture of a hot babe, a celebrity babe would be a plus, up there and add in the product and the logo somewhere, and there you go - perfect print." REALLY?! Not only is it making creatives like myself look bad, but its also making our society look like unintelligent sex fiends. Personally, I think we deserve more respect than that. But then again, there are plenty of people that buy into this. And that is what I aspire in my future endeavors in advertising.