Love these

These commercials are all so crazy.  Although I'm sure some or all of them are a little staged and not real,  they're all done so well.  They clearly didn't take much writing, but the direction of all these commercials is amazing.  Not much else to say here really.  If you like the NFL, you'll also love these.  Watch the whole video.


If it weren't for the name, how would you actually be able to justify this being an ad for Abercrombie & Fitch?  I mean, shouldn't an ad for a clothing line contain models wearing the clothes and not naked?  If it weren't for the text in the background, I would ever think it's an ad for either underwear or a gay men's dating service.  Though, ALL Abercrombie & Fitch ads are like this- displaying 90% skin and 10% clothing.  Have you ever seen an Abercrombie catalog?  It's like a penthouse magazine.  I just don't get it and I don't understand how any creative director can think this is good advertising/branding for a CLOTHING brand.

Like this?

This is a 60-second radio commercial I wrote in my Copywriting Broadcast commercial last Spring.  The assignment was a 3-person group project in which we were told to pick any business and write two 60 second spots and one 30 second spot, using at least one tactic of humor in each spot.  Since there was three of us and three ads to write, we each wrote one and presented them as a group.  I remember my partner, Tyler, wrote a spot that was super funny too because he made an awesome jingle.  I wish I had the script to that one too.  Anyway, hope you like this one.