I can write websites, too.

This is a big element of my final project in Interactive Media in Advertising.  We were asked to pick a local business in Philadelphia and remake their website in an effort to make them more interactive and customer-friendly.  So, here are two homepages for our client, Mugshots Coffeehouse, and the interactive element we established called, the "Mugshot of the Week."  This was the main selling point of our website proposal because it allowed customers a fun opportunity to feel one with the brand.  Basically, how it would work is a customer could upload a picture of their "mugshot" to the website, and then fellow customers would vote on which mugshot was the mugshot of the week.  The winner would win a free cup of coffee as well as their own mug with their mugshot printed on it.  And like everything else on the web today, links to Facebook and Twitter were added to allow these funny pictures to be shared through those websites.  Personally, I like the second mock up better than the first, but I'd like to know what you think also.