LOVE this.

I LOVE this. Most people would disagree and say, "It makes no sense. How is it even selling the product?" BUT THAT'S THE POINT. It is an advertisement that makes fun of the cliche advertisements that most people buy into. I would love to meet the creatives that wrote this ad because they truly get it. They understand the fact that most traditional forms of advertising are usually alienating, cliche, and/or dumbing down the intelligence of the consumer. So, considering the product is just another drink that lacks very much differentiation from any other bottled beverage, they use the ad space to reject all cliches and typical expectations of advertising and basically make an ad about how they're all terrible; all while getting the Orangina name out there. Not only do I think it's completely hilarious, but I also think it's genius.

Hate this.

So, let me get this straight, Toyota.  You're marketing NEW CARS, something that only people 16 or older are legally able to drive and usually don't buy until they're in their 20s, to 8 year old kids?  So, the strategy behind your advertising campaign is to get into the minds of children to make them beg their parents to upgrade their family car from their "old prairie scooner (sp?)" to the 2011 Highlander?  REALLY?  Oh, yeah, let's just alienate children into becoming spoiled brats that need a more luxurious, technology-savvy SUV to be carted around by their parents in.  THEY'RE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE LEGAL DRIVING AGE.  The way I see it is if tobacco and alcohol can't be marketed towards children because they're not at the legal age to use them, then why should a marketing strategy like this be allowed?  Advertising to children is so dangerous because children are so uneducated.  Toyota is really just trying to reap the benefits of that lack of education and intelligence.

Hope you like this.

Last semester I had took Advertising Campaigns; a class entirely dedicated to semester long group project worth our entire grade that we presented on the last day of class.  Our client was Yuengling and we were asked to make a multifaceted campaign that markets Yuengling and Yuengling Light to both men and women.  So, the approach we took was creating a Yuengling Light campaign to be marketed towards men, a Yuengling Light campaign to be marketed towards women, and an all encompassing Yuengling campaign to be marketed towards sports fans and beer enthusiasts.  Since our group was made up of 10 people, we divided up the work among the 6 creatives.  This was the commercial for the Yuengling Light campaign for men that I was responsible for writing.  I also wrote a print ad, but it's not half as good as this.  It was actually written a lot differently than how it actually came out, but that was only because it took place in a loud bar that we couldn't record dialogue very well in.  So, just to give our professor a better idea of what it would look like, we made it into a cheesy production with poppy background music.  The real script is below if you want to see how it was really supposed to look.  I still think it's pretty hilarious.