Love this because I hate Lebron and his "What Should I Do" Commercial

What I love most about this is the fact that they're both Nike sponsors and Nike was cool enough to mash both of these commercials together in a call-out of Lebron.  Because essentially the message is this: Lebron James will never be as great as Michael Jordan.  And Lebron, and the rest of America, needs to realize that.  Though, what makes this message of the commercial even more significant is how Nike ties it all together in the end with the tagline, "Become Legendary." Because that is basically what Jordan is trying to tell Lebron in this commercial: stop being a pompous athlete that thinks he's naturally the best but only has excuses when he doesn't achieve the best (I was in Cleveland with no talent, so I'm going to go to Miami where we'll have 3/5 of a USA Olympic team), and work your hardest towards being the best without making any excuses.  Jordan's entire dialogue is also very well written.  The direction of the commercial is perfect.  Overall, just a perfect commercial.

Does anybody like a UTI?

The quality of this video sucks, but the one I wanted to use disabled its embedding code so I couldn't attach it here. This one's still pretty bad though. Anyway, first of all, this school needs a new name.  Or they just shouldn't call it by its abbreviation. The beginning of this commercial is cut off because this video sucks, but in the video I wanted to use it says, "Looking for a school that can help you find a job when you graduate? UTI is the answer." I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure most Americans associate "UTI" with a urinary tract infection. Pick a new name. Second of all, this particular commercial that I meant to attach here (called UTI TV Commercial - Job Placement) goes into how it is a great place to go if you want a quick education that will then place you into a job. However, while this is all being said, it says "UTI cannot guarantee employment" in white print on the bottom. So, basically your the selling points of your commercial are heavily downplayed by the disclaimer you have in small print at the bottom of the screen and the rest of the ad is fluff, right? Well, needless to say after watching the commercial, I'm convinced that UTI is a great place to start a lucrative career and never think about associate the name of the school with a urinary tract infection...

You might like this. But I'll understand if you don't.

So this was the second ad I ever wrote.  It was for my Introduction to Copywriting class that I took sophomore year without a clear vision of which track I wanted to go in.  After taking this class with my favorite teacher that I've ever had at Temple, Bob Olson, I decided to stick with the copywriting track.  Now for the ad itself, it is for a made-up instant coffee product called Morley's (this was better that crappy Starbucks instant coffee came out).  It was not only the first ad I wrote, but also, as if it weren't already obvious, the first ad I designed.  I really liked the strategy and most of the copy that I wrote for this ad though, so I'm not that ashamed of it.  I think I showed some promise as a copywriter at the time.