Finally, some honest advertising.

I am in love with this campaign.  Finally, a product is not trying to be the cure-all, godsend product that everyone has tried to be for years.  Miracle Whip knows that it's a somewhat weird, unorthodox product that not everyone likes, and they do an effective job of selling it by saying this.  Usually, no one would want to put a "celebrity" (if that's what they call Pauly D nowadays) who hates their product into their advertising, but this campaign does it flawlessly.  By saying that it's not for everyone, it really encourages the audience to think about it and be curious enough to try it.  But what I like most about it is that the people who like it and the people aren't entirely dissimilar, so there is really no target.  This becomes more relatable and encouraging to the audience because it sets no one apart from liking it or disliking it.  This campaign does a fantastic job of targeting anyone and everyone to TRY miracle whip, not to love it.  A much more realistic goal that every advertiser should adopt.

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