Great way to spend $5 million, Kia.

My guess is they're headed to bankruptcy after this garbage. Wasting $5 million for ONE media buy of THIS commercial during the Super Bowl? Honestly?! And that doesn't even include the thousands of dollars that went into the production of this. C'mon, imagine reading this commercial written out and seeing it pitched to a full board room. "So.. let's have a cop drive the car, and then have what seems to be a terrorist pull it off the road with a helicopter contraption, then drop it into the ocean to which Poseidon will form from the water and grab it from the air. AND THEN, it will be abducted by a UFO, driven through some unknown land by aliens, stop at this animation that's supposed to symbolize a kind of black hole to which it gets sucks into and lands in ancient Egypt on the other side. AND THEN... best part... the screen will fade to white and say 'One epic ride.'" If I was in this board meeting where it was pitched and was even able to reach this point in the pitch, I would get up and punch the writer in the face for having wasted his breath and my time. I'm sorry if that makes me sound like a violent person, but there's nothing I hate more than awful, pointless advertisements that don't sell a single benefit that differentiates the product from another similar one (AKA any car). Especially when they spend 100 times as much money than I'll probably ever see in my entire life for it to play once during the Super Bowl.

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