I cringe every time I see this.

Okay. So, I apologize for not blogging in nearly a month. Since graduation I've been insanely busy and usually work three 14 hour days each week now. Still, I will try to update as much a possible.
Anyway, have you ever seen this commercial? You probably have considering I see it every time I watch TV. And every time I do see, it manages to piss me off for whatever reason.  It's just stupid.  I know, expert analysis, right? But honestly, who wants to watch a kid swinging a bat and getting no results for 20 seconds?  Not only is it not very entertaining or appealing to the common consumer, you can switch out any car logo on the front of the pinata and have it be a commercial for that brand of car. I get that it's supposed to be a clever way to show safety or reliability, but what actual features of the car supports that? We don't know because they never show the actual car or any upgraded features that make it safer and more reliable.

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