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Sometimes, I hate that even the word "sex" sells.

And this totally explains why. Most people would agree with me (I hope) when I see that nothing about a semi-luxurious sedan as being sexy. I am not very turned on from seeing a new black Honda Accord drive down the street. Now, with that being said, what the hell is this commercial even trying to say?! Judging by the direction of the commercial, they're claiming that a Honda Accord is reliable, valuable, and good on gas mileage, and that's great. But how does the repeated word "sexy" fit in at all?!  Especially when it's all dismissed with the line, "only sexy is sexy." So then what is the Honda Accord? Not sexy? And this is a good thing then? I'm sure that's not what they're trying to say, but that's kind of what it feels like. It just doesn't make ANY sense to me and really kind of makes me hate the word sexy.

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