I guess I figured since it's NFL Playoff Sunday, my Hate/Love examples would be football themed. We'll say I did this on purpose and haven't just been watching football all morning.
Anyway, I hate this. I hate when campaigns don't know when it's time to stop.  I'm pretty sure this Coors Light campaign has been going on for 5 years now.  I swear they have a new, not-as-funny-as-the-last commercial every Sunday.  I mean, I understand the strategy and I won't lie, I enjoyed some of them for a while.  However, I think my enjoyment of them ceased once I saw my 20th commercial.  It's just gotten old.  I feel like the newer commercials are really straining themselves to be funny or entertaining.  I know there are some avid fans of these commercials, but can they all honestly say they haven't and won't get sick of them?  C'mon.  Come up with something new instead of recycling the same idea for years.  That's what creatives are really supposed to be doing.

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