Sure, I would love to risk a coma or DEATH by taking this.

I don't mean to be ignorant or insensitive to people with bipolar depression here, but would you honestly want to try this drug after seeing this commercial?  Think of it this way- the commercial is 1 minute and 31 seconds long, the risks or side effects begin to be read off at the :21 second mark, and they end at the 1:19 second mark. After figuring out some quick mathematics, that is 58 seconds of listing risks of taking this drug and 64% of the entire commercial! At this point it is hardly even an advertisement for the product as it is a warning to the general public about this product. Also, outside of that fact, the copy of the commercial barely even describes the benefit of taking the drug. All we know after seeing this it that it "may" help you deal with your bipolar depression. Yet, considering how they're accounted for more in the commercial than the benefits, the risks "may" also become more of a reality when you take this. Oh yeah, and those risks include coma or death. But you depressed people should definitely try it... C'MON.
Here's another commercial like this that I hated.

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