An example of how celebrity endorsements can take away from an ad.

When I saw the Justin Bieber/Ozzy Osbourne Super Bowl commercial, I completely forgot that it was for this Best Buy Buy Back program because I mostly just remembered it as a commercial with these two celebrities spouting off cheesy lines. This was the case until I saw this commercial last night and later searched for "best buy buy back" on YouTube. In my opinion, this is the better commercial anyway. With this one, the message is clear and it's presented in a entertaining way that transcends well with every somewhat wealthy person in America. On the other hand, I feel like the message is less clear and a little lost behind celebrity awe in the Super Bowl because it fails to emphasis the nuisance of technological products constantly being new as much. Sure, it mentions is once or twice, but it gets lost behind the unrelated humor and appeal from the celebrities. Whereas, conversely, this commercial's humor all stems from the benefit of the service.

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