Love em

Alright, I know I went on a rant a few days ago about how I hate campaigns that don't know when to stop, but this is classic.  I know I might have a bit of a sports/ESPN/SportsCenter bias, but these commercials are always hilarious and have actually had a big following since they started in the early 90s.  Just last year, I remember seeing a hour long special on ESPN dedicated to the "This is SportsCenter" commercials, so clearly they've seen great success in their long history.  I think this is a campaign that doesn't need to stop, like that Coors Light campaign that I previously ripped, because it's not like they were selling you anything to begin with.  Instead, they're designed more to reach out to their fans (considering they only play on ESPN, usually during SportsCenter) to make them laugh and reinforce their positive opinion of the show and the ESPN network.  Even if the newer ones stop being as funny, I think it's a great campaign that should never die.

P.S. Did you notice how the "feds'" jackets said "FEA" on them?  I guess they weren't allowed to use the likeness of the FBI or DEA so they just combined the both of them?  Haha it's okay, these commercials can do no wrong in my eyes.

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