I'm surprised I haven't posted this yet.

This is the front and back of a postcard I wrote for my Diamond Edge Communications account- The School of Communications and Theater's Study Away Program.  We passed these out to interested students during Temple's Spring Fling last week to promote our information session about the program this Wednesday.  It says the information session was last week (which was actually the date that Spring Fling got postponed to), but we had to postpone it because of this, and I had to print out 1000 labels and cut and stick them all onto 1000 postcards.  It was a much fun as you can imagine.  Anyway, the copy was an adventure to write.  Originally, I wrote something really generic and boring and presented it to my professor and immediately he dismissed it and told me to write it all over with a more conversational tone.  It was a challenge I was willing and able to accept though because I redrafted this and presented it to him an hour and a half later and he was very pleased.  Also, during that revision, I decided to take the Temple T logo out of the stamp spot and replace it with a QR code that directs you to the program website.  Again, a change that my professor and my account manager both loved.  Hope you like.

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