Possibly the best beverage concept I've ever seen.

After all, nothing is worse in the morning than hearing bad news.  Especially bad news about the rest of the day.  So, to display the product as a sort of a morning stress reliever and refresher is a very strong concept in my opinion.  Also, I love sarcasm and the sarcastic undertones throughout make it pretty darn funny.  Though, with that said, although I think these commercials are great, I also think they can be improved a bit.  For one, the brand itself is a bit forgotten in the end.  People remember the commercial as "that orange juice commercial," not that "Florida orange juice commercial."  If it was for Tropicana, this may be a bit of a different story, but "Florida Orange Juice" isn't really remember as a brand product as much as it is a common beverage.  I realize there's not much getting around this, but it's just how I see it.  Maybe they should consider rebranding with a new name.

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