To ANYONE who might be reading this, I would really appreciate your feedback on this one.

So, this is an assignment for my Advertising Portfolio class that is due tomorrow morning.  As you can see, my group members and I chose Degree deodorant to be targeted to young and teenage women.  The bottom two are what we plan on turning in tomorrow.  As for the first one, that was the comp we made and brought in last class to get the opinion of our professor.  Although we're targeting young and teenage women, he felt that the layout was a little too kiddy and that we were further limiting our target with it that way.  In a lot of ways, I can agree with him, however, I still liked the idea of presenting the image as a polaroid.  The art director I'm working with has abandoned the idea in these new comps, but I still liked it.  I'd really like to know what you think about that.  Anyway, I wrote the body copy for the spread and was a big part of the ideation for the concept.  I hope you all (and my professor) like it.
P.S. please disregard the minor typo in the last paragraph of the spread.  The art director overlooked it when he was making it and is in the process of editing it right now.  It's supposed to say "been known," not "been know."


  1. 2nd paragraph: It’s understandable, we all sweat more WHEN we’re nervous…

    3rd paragraph: So next time you have to get dressed up and look nice, don’t forget to use the deodorant that’s been KNOWN…

    3rd paragraph: Because if you want to look great, you should make sure you smell great, too. (Comma before too.)

  2. Thanks, Penny. I didn't notice the typo in paragraph two until you pointed it out just now. I'm probably going to rewrite a lot of it though actually. Good thing the due date got pushed back to monday.