Please disregard the fact that I'm white and let me rant about how awful this is.

First of all, the worst kinds of ads are the ones that blatantly sound like ads. In this 15-second spot, the word "meet," a word that is in the website title, is said 6 times. So, basically they're saying, "use, use, use our website," as much as they can in 15 seconds. Second of all, is this really convincing anyone to use the service? Look at how low budget it looks. And listen to the writing... "meet exciting black people who want to meet other exciting black people." Really?? That is the one line you're using to sell this website in this little mini-commercial? C'mon. Theoretically, if I was a black single, I'm sure after seeing this commercial I'd think to myself, "Well, I'm an exciting black person, and I would love to meet other people like me... Where's my computer?" NOT. If anyone is actually convinced by this advertising, I'm sure that these people that use it are not the most exciting people you could want to meet.

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