Who said you can't find morality in advertising?

A lot of alcohol brands try to fit in their reminder to drink responsibly, but most of the time it seems really forced.  Often times brands will try to squeeze in a little tagline or an announcer voice at the end that says "drink responsibly" (like here, here, and here.). Though, Captain Morgan is one of these few brands that has tied it into their advertising so effectively that it is sometimes the basis of their ad as a whole.  Now, there are also plenty of brands that have also tried this and were ineffective in doing so because they didn't tie the message back to the product very well, and as a result posed more as a sponsored public service announcement.  Some examples of this can be found here, here, and here.  Captain Morgan, however, hit the nail on the head with their "drink responsibly" ads. This one in particular is such a perfect balance between presenting the product in an engaging way, and persuasively advising you to enjoy it responsibly.

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