Who writes this crap??!

First of all, this is a huge waste of airtime.  The "message" of this commercial could easily be conveyed the same in 30 seconds if you cut out all the wasted time of people looking up and actually looking concerned. Second of all, who writes this crap?!  Also, who is actually sitting in a board room listening to a pitch of a commercial involving a giant pink stuffed bunny trying to knock over a brick building like a wrecking ball and saying, "Wow, that's really clever.  And this commercial will definitely help us with our business." Whoever those people are, I want to meet both of them so I slam their heads together.  I mean, yeah, the ending line, "To do a job well, you need the right tools," makes sense from the build-up.  But when the build-up is trying to relate using a giant stuffed animal as a wrecking ball to using H&R Block to do your taxes, your message gets a little lost because the concept of how you delivered the message is so stupid.  At least that's how I see it.  But I'm also a little bit of an ad snob.

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